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Tell him...that despite all of this...the world is still beautiful.

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[TRANS] Taeyang :: 버리고


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They say love and break ups aren’t all they’re made up to be.
I don’t care, it’s okay.
I’m used to being alone.

I was cold, I was apathetic,
but recently something’s been a bit off.
I’m greedy, I’m selfish,
but I’ve been slowly throwing…

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[TRANS] Infinite :: Last Romeo


Please don’t repost or translate without permission!
I very much might come back and edit this/clean up the translation tomorrow morning when I haven’t been awake for a ridiculous amount of time. Sorry. ;3;

I would willingly drink any poison for you.
There’s no sweet temptation greater…

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Anonymous said: What is CCM's mailing address?


코어 컨텐즈 미디어 서울시 강남구 논현동 269-10 스타타워 1F

Seoul-si, Gangnam-gu, Nonhyun-dong, 269-10 Star Tower 1F, Core Contents Media


[FANCAM] 140309 Inkigayo Fanmeet - SPEED



Look At Me Now behind the scenes:

Jongkook version

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Junhyung pointing out Kikwang’s mistake

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