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  • yunhyeong ➙ ep.3

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  • Yunhyeong - Mix & Match Episode 4

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  • Yunhyeong | Green Day - Basket Case

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  • bulletproofwinner:

    When HongJinChan came to visit Team B during the YG Family Concert

  • poor yunhyeong~

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  • [FANACC] 141011 BTOB Ilsan Fansign


    Please do not translate or repost any part of this fan account!!

    I almost missed this fansign because I, for starters, forgot my CD at home, and secondly, didn’t realize it wasn’t on the stage right by the store. At first I went to the Ilsan Synnara, thinking that was where we got our numbers and that I could buy another CD, and not only was the female staff there at the moment completely unhelpful, she was also rude beyond an acceptable amount.

    (“Is this where we get our numbers?” “No.” “… so where…?” “At the venue.” “It’s not here?” “No.” “Where is it…?” “Not here.” “But where?” “Not here.” “I forgot my CD at home. Can I buy another copy of the CD?” “No.” “… why not?” “No CDs.” “Will they let me go through with a different BTOB CD?” “No. Too bad.” “Well… where’s it at?” “Not here.” “How can I get there?” “Take a taxi.” “But… where is it?” “Not here.” And she was practically scowling the whole time.)

    I ended up running to the only other CD store nearby (on the 9th floor of a department store) while looking up the location online, buying the CD, running to where I could take a taxi, and getting there just in time. I was number 77. (So a lot of other people were pretty late, too.)

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  • you’re my earth, air, water, FIRE! *smiles*

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  • Chef Song, expert at grilling meat (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

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  • Cha Hakyeon, VIXX Live Fantasia Budapest 12 Sept 2014 (via doingfondue)
  • "We’ll be back anytime if you want"